Human development through love and service


We provide day care for infants of working mothers, pre-school programs and kindergarten, as well as after school study sessions for school-age children. 

Support for the Elderly

Through the Burns Club, which provides financial assistance and the Individual Health Care program, which provides needed food and medicine, older people in our area are supported. 

Women Empowerment

Hayden Hall provides opportunities for women to learn weaving, sewing, carpet making and work with jute product production. They are paid for the products that are sold in Hayden Hall’s shop. 

Mother and Child Health

Hayden Hall trains paramedics throughout the hills around Darjeeling to visit pregnant women and women with small children in their homes. The paramedics keep vaccination records, weigh babies to insure they are on the road to health, and provide awareness programs. In the case of illness or other issues, the paramedics provide referrals to doctors, hospitals, and government programs.