Livelihood & Entrepreneurship

Skills Training

If you give me a rupee, I shall eat for a day. But if you teach me how to weave I shall eat for a lifetime.

Income Generation Program

Once the three basic needs of health, housing and food are met, members of the women’s cooperative are given the opportunity to earn a fair income to further their own development and those of their families.

Our primary means of income generation is through weaving handicrafts of traditional fabrics and carpets, knitting and sewing. After the vocational training period of three months, women get a certificate so that they can search for work outside of Hayden Hall. Alternatively, they may choose to avail themselves to our raw materials, designs and marketing facilities by selling their products to the Hayden Hall Shop where they are assured fair wages for their work.

Since 1972, we have trained 20,036 women, some of whom still work at Hayden Hall!

It takes one weaver approximately six weeks to complete a one-by-two-meter carpet.

We provide machines, fabric and sewing instruction.

Workers practice traditional hand-weaving of fabrics for bags, coats, shawls, bedspreads etc.

We teach machine and hand knitting skills.

Hand-Crafted Products from Hayden Hall’s Artisans

Hayden Hall provides job opportunities and training for unemployed women in several workshops. Weavers use traditional backstrap looms for the distinctive Hayden Hall bags, backpacks and purses. There is a sewing room where women learn to sew and assemble the hand-loomed items. Most hand-knits are crafted at home: knitters pick up yarn one week and deliver sweaters, caps and baby booties the next week. Tibetan-style carpets are knotted, trimmed and finished in another workshop.

All the Hayden Hall artisans participate in handicrafts cooperative and making their own decisions about their work.

While working at Hayden Hall, women are also enrolled in a health program that covers basic medical expenses, a lunch program, and their children benefit from the many children’s programs, from day-care and health care through after-school tutoring to help with public or private school fees.

Hayden Hall markets its products in two stores located in Darjeeling and is fully licensed for overseas shipping.

Hayden Hall’s products can be special ordered. Specify colours and weaves. Prices and shipping times will vary with special orders.