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Annual Report

After 50+ successful years of working with the communities of Darjeeling and Kalimpong, Hayden Hall has been able to impact many lives in ways we can neither conjure up in data nor can we count the number of people that have benefitted from our programs. However, through this report we will try and point out our successes, learnings and new goals for the year through the use of data and stories. 

Our team is grateful for the contributions that all our donors and well-wishers do, who continue to hold our hands in times of crisis and abundance. 


In 1967, Hayden Hall intended to work towards the well being and empowerment of women in our community and started programs like Mother and Child Healthcare and livelihood centers for health and income generation. The work never stopped and 51 years later here we are with improved technology, enhanced skills and infrastructure but with the same vision of enabling women who are now not only the recipients but also our change-makers. We at the moment have have 48 study centers, 14 sub-centers, 66 women community development workers and 76 teachers, 28 women in livelihood and Entrepreneurs who are in the forefront of implementation.

In all our programs, we see that 80% of the change makers are women leaders. These are a group of committed, well-informed and skilled women willing to take risks to bring about the change Hayden Hall believes in. 


The world took an unprecedented turn and we faced a global pandemic that none had imagined. In Hayden Hall we cater to a large population of migrants and villagers and due to the crisis many came back to the villages as they lost their jobs in the cities and elsewhere.  At Hayden Hall, we started to ask questions about how we could be of use and support to the community at this point in time. We decided to provide the families with raw food material and medical supplements, especially the ones who were not eligible for government provided ration. So much so that we asked our community development workers (CDW’s) to create a pool of names of people from their community who did not have adequate land for any form of agriculture and were not having any income source and had 3+ children in their families.
The next step was fund raising and we were able to collect a sum of INR 26+ lakhs from our individual as well as community donors who were
generous to provide that which was needed and asked for. From our giveaway drives and data we present the numbers below. 

We were able to support 4340 households which according to our estimate it is 17,360 direct beneficiaries through the relief work support. We distributed 01200+ masks for free to the communities. We also provided 643 people with special Financial Health Assistance
along with free medical camps for 1000+ people.

These acts of compassion and courage during the COVID crisis has opened new avenues for working with the community in ways we had not
known. The community leaders and the government teams are now open to the idea of collaborating with Hayden Hall and the Community
Development Workers. The parents are open to sending their children to our after school centers and there are demands for us to help their SHGs for skilling them with product making and marketing those for income generations. As we now look ahead to brighter days we want to share with you how our other programs fared with respect to the Vision and Mission of what we set to achieve.



With several years of experience with implementing the program, we felt the need of enlarging our program from just the well-being of the mother and child to the well-being of the community. We have worked alongside 110 villages with 14 Center in-charges and 66 Community development workers aka Paramedics in the previous years.



  • Child Rights.
  • Right to Information.
  • Health- ANC/PNC.
  • Agro-business and cultivation.


  • New Government Schemes.
  • Importance of Health.
  • Education and Parenting.


  • Domestic Violence.
  • Women and Child Trafficking.
  • Alcoholism.


  • Advocacy.
  • Working with Government Agencies for Implementation.


SHG FORMATION- end to end implementation.




In this program we are focused on women from the marginalized sections of the community from any of the 3 districts we work in. We also have a main center at Darjeeling where we make products and sell them in the market locally and internationally. The scope is also to partner with some stores, make outlets and sell it through the online domains. We also work on made to order customized products.

As part of the implementation of the program:

  • Training in weaving, knitting, tailoring, carpet making and integrated jute products.
  • Mushroom cultivation.
  • Candle making.
  • Carpet making.
  • Agro cultivation.
  • Bamboo Craft.


  • 1000 bin jute bags for cars.
  • Participation in national jute exhibition and sale in Siliguri.
  • 25000+ masks sold.
  • Trained 30 new women in the community.
  • 6 people are certified trainers by ACT and Incredible India on composting.
  • Celebrated women’s day with government agencies.
  • Sold products for 14 lakhs as part of sustainability and income generation.


Our Education Intervention runs into three projects namely CRECHE, STRIVE and Education Centers. In all three domains, the aim is to provide holistic education to children. We run the CRECHE and STRIVE program for children of age group 1-2.5 and 2.5-3 years respectively which is run only in the main Hayden Hall center due to its nature of design. The Evening Center is run for children of Class I to Class X. This is implemented in about 48 centers.

As part of  the  implementation of the program we conduct tuition and revision classes on child specific needs like:

  • Career and Scholarship support.
  • Exposure visit.
  • Medcal Camps.
  • Counselling.
  • Parent’s counselling and mentorship.
  • Skill Development.