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Mother and Child Health Care



The Mother & Child Health Care Program (M.C.H.) started in 1972 aims at assisting mothers and children from 0-5 years from marginalized communities to identify the government facilities, build awareness and capacity for best practices on health and hygiene and provide direct nutrition related support. Over the years we work directly with 2200+ mothers on an annual basis. 


  • To create a community of women/mothers who are self-reliant, well-informed and capable of leading families and communities.
  • Building Capacity of women-led SHGs and Child Parliaments
  • Linking the community to avail Government Schemes and private programs
  • Providing mother and child, elderly health care services at the clinic and home visits.


Every year since 1978, women are selected by their communities to undergo training. The CDWs are trained in preventive health care and social issues. There is also a refresher course for those already trained to refresh their skills and also to train them in new skills. They also maintain records of the home visits they conduct. They lead meetings with other members of the organization and discuss the problems they observed during their visits and they work together to find a solution and take the required measures.



This program is run by the community development workers in the villages following a nutritional and vaccination chart under which children’s weights are recorded regularly. In severe underweight cases, the patients are directed to the dispensary where needful action is taken.

Those mothers who live near the center bring their children to join various programs like CRECHE and STRIVE, where regular and proper food supply is ensured and this, in turn, helps resolve health problems in most of the cases. 

Health education is also given to the mothers in the under five-clinics after the weighing activity is over. Since a large number of mothers show up every month they are gathered and given instructions about health, hygiene, nutrition, child care and so on.


Once the mothers join the M.C.H. program or become a member of the N.S.S they can avail medicines from the Hayden Hall’s dispensary. The whole family can benefit from the range of medicines available at the dispensary which has been functional since 1967. The medicines at the dispensary are provided at a rebate of 60% from the original price. The payment process for the medicines varies depending on the economic possibilities of the families. Poverty and ignorance lead to common problems like rickets, malnutrition and bone defects, common diseases in the hills primarily due to poor pre- and post-natal nutrition.


No development can take place if people are hungry and malnourished. to this day, since 1971, we have been distributing limited, subsidized rations of rice, lentils and cooking oil to pregnant women, women with infants, senior citizens, people with disabilities and people who have no families to look after them nor have the means to earn a living.

We also provide a balanced, nutritious lunch for all the children in our daycare center and preschool program as well as for the women in our income generation program.